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Breather / oil filler and drops.

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well the build is still a work in progress but when i get a spare 15 minutes i seem to be ticking smaller jobs off the list. I picked up an old transfer case breather from MITP at Santa pod a couple of months back. I also sacrificed an old tatty rocker cover i had gathering dust and made up an engine oil filler point. SC do manufacturer these but are based on a slightly different design of transfer case breather. Hopefully i wont have any issues with this and the upper engine steady bar fouling.


On other updates. I have decided to go the whole hog with the gearbox. The mention of straight cut gear noise will only add noise to an already noisy car. Ear plugs at the ready on longer journeys…. I have purchased a set of MED 1275A+ 1:1 straight cut drop gears with the roller idler gear. To be honest a bargain at the price they came in at with very little use. So these will be here next week and then i can pull more gearbox parts together and get that rebuilt.

Ill add a picture up of the drops when they arrive.


Drop gears

MED Roller SC Drops

MED Roller SC Drops