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Gears, shafts and diff…

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well after trying to get everything together so i can build the gearbox i built it up and got the shafts/selectors in last night. I still need to check bearing support shimming / end floats and fit the diff unit into the case.

Here we have the A+ MED Clubman SCCR gear set assembled using the original 1st gear (both gear and 1st /2nd syncro renewed) and reverse idler. Quality bearings were used and MED heavy duty bulk rings. A centre oil pick up pipe is being used to remove the oil starvation risk when cornering hard. I also noticed damage to the layshaft so this was upgraded to a better quality new item and bearings renewed. After speaking with MED and discussing the cars use they advised that it would be beneficial to increase my F/D ratio to ease 1st gear pull off and thus reduce the chances of needing to slip the clutch to pull away. I have moved away from the original 3.44:1 and I will now be using a 3.76:1 (17P/64CW) item. By doing this i will reduce top end speed but slightly increase acceleration rate. Calculated figures have come out around 104mph at 6800rpm, plenty for a weekend messing about toy. The diff unit is a MED x-pin unit built up with new A+ thrusts and fibre washers and will be fitted with new RHP diff bearings.

A couple of pictures below more will follow when its finished up.



MED SCCR A+ gearset


X-PIN 3.7:1 FD