Oil pump jackshaft and camshaft oil supply

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

With the SC kit the original camshaft is utilised to run the oil pump from the SC camshaft pulley. The original camshaft can be modified if costs need to be kept down. Or as in my case i decided to purchase a modified camshaft / jackshaft from SC. The redundant cam lobes have been removed reducing the rotating mass inside the engine case. These modifications allow a constant flow of oil up through the original block rocker arm supply casting. As the head oil feed was welded with its original modifications you can re-drill the head to link the block to the head gallery. By doing this the cams will be lubricated through an internal gallery circuit.

Jackshaft 3

Jackshaft 2

Jackshaft 1

I decided that i did not wish to re-drill and intersect the heads original oil feed gallery so i ran an external oil feed hose from the oil pressure switch union on the front of the block via a T piece to the plugged port on the rear side of the BMW head. This thread is M8x1.0 thread and unions are available to fit this port direct just remove the factory allen bung and job done.

Head oil feed


The oil pump that was fitted was a A+ spade drive turbo oil pump. This was supplied by minispeed.


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