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Back to Mini Work……

Posted: July 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

So 2015… Its been a long time coming, but finally its time to get back and finish what began back in 2006. A lot has happened since my last post but the mini has not been forgotten or sold and we are still in a good position to get it completed. I may have a little extra maintenance work on rear brakes and a lot of cleaning parts up up as we go etc but this will give me the opportunity to tweek those little parts that bugged me and change the odd part here and there.

Talking bout changing the odd part. I have a new addition that I will be touching on using this blog. Its mini related so don’t go anywhere. What we are talking about is a one owner Old English White mk1 1966 Morris mini minor super deluxe that has been sitting in storage since 2015. Probably since approximately the last time I updated this page. I won’t go into too much detail but over the last 2 or 3 months I have been recommissioning the safety critical items and confirming that yes this can go back on the road. Now that the car is Tax and MOT exempt there is a little paperwork that I need to go through to get it road legal. I will also be taking it to my local MOT station to have it checked over fully just incase I have missed anything. Im taking the opportunity to replace all of the perishable parts within the braking system as well as new tyres and just tiding it up. There was a plan to strip it and send it away to have the shell rebuilt, this may still happen. But for now lets just get it back on the road and maybe put on 500 miles.

So back to the main Twincam mini. So where I left it was, I had some suspension parts to refit and drop the car back to the floor. The engine does run but the tune is off, it idles but its way off on pickup. I have a wide-band o2 sensor from SC to fit into the LCB and this will send a signal to the eco that I can monitor. Ill need to drain the fuel tank and drop some fresh 98OCT super unleaded in, swap the plugs and drop the oil. Once this is complete ill compile a list of jobs to start ticking off and update this and my Instagram @adder501 with my progress.

Thanks for staying tuned