Electric cooling fan and modifications.

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The approach to use an electric cooling fan was taken due to space requirements for the hose work from the head end plate drains to the rear oil return manifold. Measurements were taken and the largest cooling fan was ordered that would fit onto the rear side of the alloy rad. The original front cowling was retained and the mounting positions used to mount up some mounting brackets so that the fan would fit up against the radiator.

photo 1-6

photo 2-6

photo 3-6


The SC ECU and loom has the function to switch negative to a relay to power the fan so wiring should be straight forward.

  1. RageRover says:

    It’s been a couple of years since u posted this info, but I figured u still may upkeep this website & get notifications if someone comments? Your measurements & info are greatly appreciated (all your posts & info is appreciated!) maybe the newer (Rover made) Minis have a hydraulic clutch between the fan & engine, but I don’t believe so. But even with a clutch (which will add space between the engine & fan) robs engine power and is usually pretty significantly. If you can do without the factory fan, all the better!

    If you can’t manage to fit an electric fan, you can usually get a custom radiator made or have the original radiator re-cored for “close to nothing” and to your specs (ie have it made as large/efficient as possible yet have room made for a thin fan. Adding more louvers to the inside wheel well is definitely something I want & plan to do… Or even just drill as many larger holes as possible between and under/next to the existing louvers, which should also also help with cooling.

    It may be possible to add 2-4 “tasteful rows” of bonnet louvers & do so without damaging the paint if you don’t plan on repainting (if it’s done with tape on the area & by someone who knows what they’re doing, but Im no expert!), adding some bonnet louvers will definitely help w/ under bonnet temps + IMHO they look cool, yet still tasteful.

    What I’ve been trying to figure out (I’m sure it’s possible) is how to make the 2-piece blanking plate or even better, if there’s a template out there or if someone would be kind enough to trace theirs? The price is not huge, but it’s still relatively costly compared to making it yourself from a sheet of thick aluminium… every quid adds up! If I had a tracing, template, etc which I can myself cut I’d forever be grateful to anyone!

    I’d prefer to send the head & block off to be properly milled down, but with a bit of patience, a flat surface (I have some thick, very large marble tiles/marble plates) some files & different grits of sandpaper, I’ve seen people on YouTube refinish engine heads by themselves using sandpaper around a scare steel tube (ie no shop needed). Good luck, hope everything has been working well for u & your Mini!

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