Balancing in progress

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Right, Its been far too long and that complete date is getting further and further in the past its laughable….

Chris over at Toovey race engines presently has the flywheel assembly, crank, crank pulley, rods, and pistons. The pistons will be weight-matched firstly then mounted to the rods and end over balanced. ARP bolts will be fitted to the rods at this point also. The crank and complete rotating assembly is currently being dynamically balanced and hopefully will be back next week.

All being well that means that the build can start next week.

Anyone got any comments on assembly lubricant that is suitable to use with classic A series components?

The block has gone through its real final clean up and now is in as good of a state that its going to get. Every component will have a final check over and clean prior to assembly to confirm i don’t get any avoidable contaminants in places there shouldn’t be.

I did actually perform a dry build of the head, SC front plate, cam adapters and cam pulley’s. I did have a slight binding issue on one of the cam adapters to one of the gears. This was addressed and now both fit perfectly and have been boxed up ready for the build up.

More to come ASAP




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