Posted: December 5, 2012 in Block
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I have test fitted a piston tonight into cylinder no 2 of the block just to check the piston decking at TDC. Fitment is as good as it gets on the new pistons.

Setting up the DTI and zero’d on the block face shows that with the piston raised to TDI the crown now sits perfectly decked to the block face. Prior to machining i had around 020″ of block material above the top of the piston crown.

Pistons are AE slipper type 21253 +060″ with an 8.3cc central dish.


Mini spares ltd sell these units using part number P21253-60 for around £50 each inclusive of rings.

DTI showing block to piston crown measurement

DTI showing block to piston crown measurement

Next jobs are to get the conversion kit on order from SC. Order a lightened road spec steel flywheel, clutch back-plate, orange pressure plate, performance clutch plate and a suitable crank pulley and dampener to work with the SC ignition system.

The whole lot then needs to go for balancing.

The pistons need to go away to SC and have the valve pockets cut.


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