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Posted: December 5, 2012 in Block
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Its back…

I picked up the block last week from the machine shop and i’m pleased to say that the work that has been carried out is perfect – Very happy!!!

The bores are perfectly honed and matched to the pistons type that i chose (sticking with following the SC 8V engine build). The cam bearings have been replaced and the centre cap has been milled flat for the centre strap fitment. The modifications to the block face have been completed to a great standard.

The machine shop were a little concerned about how the drillings for the new head studs would turn out if they hit a flaw in the casting or how the intersection drillings would even drill straight. The only issue i can complain about is the fact the block has been through the either acid bath or high temp cleaner and its taken some of the blue paint off. Repainting can be done again though when the bottom end and pistons are away being balanced and machined for valve relief pockets.

Incase anyone is planning to have a go at the conversion Sam from theminiforum did highlight some good advice. Measurements for the new head stud should be drilled on a mill, clocking off the 3 original retained head studs. 76mm to the side and 86mm back. Thank you Sam.

block face prepped

Centre main strap


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