Gearbox and transfer.

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

After speaking with Simon from SC when attending Bingley Hall and purchasing my parts. The estimated engine figures are as expected and SC confirmed that with the spec i’m building we are looking at around the 115bhp mark. I have also been in contact with John @ Guessworks regarding the gearbox specs. Now as the car is not a “tourer” and more of a “weekend mess around” or sprint car so i’m a little un certain of what is best for my application. Im not one to be banging through the gears and constantly driving like a mad man but i’m sure that i’m going to need something a little more than just a rebuilt box, std drops and a four pin diff. Comments are welcome on this one guys so please feel free to leave your recommendations on gear sets, drop gears, and diff ratio’s. Currently i believe the box is a 3.44 diff setup. SC recommend in their build manual a 3.44 or a 3.1 diff for their 1293 8 valve engine. Probably just depending on the usage of the car?

What I need to know is. What works for what i’m looking for and whats a waste of time and money?

I also would like to try and find some more info on the floating bush setup in the primary gear? Anyone out there prepared to give a little explanation on this and what the benefits are of running this setup are and is it advisable for a higher than standard power engine?

Also had a phone call today (Monday 4/2/13) from John at SC stating that my pistons and cam cover have been machined and are ready for shipping. It’s good service at SC! These were asked to be posted at the end of this week as i will be away and the items will just be sat at the post office no doubt getting kicked around the floor.

Its stated to move along now.


  1. Steve says:

    Hi mate, enjoying the build so far. I’m running a 1360 7 port at the moment with just about every mod possible so has nice power but yet to be dyno’d for figure. I had problems after a gearbox rebuild with the front primary bush which was causing reverse gear to ‘pop out’ when backing up a slight incline, ie, under load. From what I have been told, this fully floating front bush should fix the problem but can’t say for sure yet as only part way through the rebuild. I had a top hat failure which caused a bit of damage and now all the repairs have been made, its time to put it all back together.

    I’ve been thinking about the twinky build myself so its been great watching your progress.


    • adder501 says:

      Hi Steve,

      Firstly thanks for your post. Your engine seems a bit of an animal. Im glad someone is following this build and finding it interesting and informative. It was put together as prior to starting my project i was trying to locate a guide or build diary to build one of these engines. I found nothing as comprehensive as i would have liked so my blog was born.

      I do know that the SC engine my project is based on (their 1293cc clubman producing 107bhp) runs the floating bush setup. Next time i speak to them ill try and remember to ask them. As stated before SC’s customer service and willingness to help with the few questions i have had up to yet has been great.

      Thanks and please check back for hopefully now more regular updates, as i want this engine in the car by the end of April.


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