Cam cover machining

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Pistons and camshaft cover has been been received in the post back to me by SC as promised.

The pictures below show the timing chain end of the K100 cam cover milled off square. This face can now be butted up against the SC end plate when fitted back onto the cylinder head. The original BMW large outer cam cover gasket will have to be trimmed to allow for this modification and some good quality RTV sealer used to seal along the face up to the end plate when it goes back on.


Looking at the cam cover i think i may be able to remove the fins(flatten off) to 5-10mm back from the machined edge and use something else than RTV to actually wrap over the lip and seal up to the end plate. This may be something to try at a later date once the engine is up and running. Possible black silicone vacuum tubing around 4mm internal diameter split down one side so it can be slid onto the lip.


SC machined cam cover


SC machined cam cover

Also below is one of the pistons shown with valve pockets milled into the crown. For anyone that wants to know the Inlet relief is 34mm and the exhaust relief is 31mm at their widest points. SC state in their manual that these are milled to a depth of 4.5mm into the piston crown.


SC piston valve pockets


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