Continued head work.

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

At the end of last week I dropped my cylinder head off at Toovey road and race engines for them to mill the end closing plate flat and perform the last couple of jobs on the head. These include cleaning, skimming the head, fitting the new set of valve stem seals, drilling and tapping the oil drain return lines into the bath tub inserts that were welded into the head by Radtec a few months ago. These will be drilled and tapped to 3/8″ BSP and then fitted with a straight to JIC adapters that will then connect to 45 degree elbow fittings allowing pipe work to be ran to the sump oil return manifold where the original fuel pump would have bolted to the engine.

Other jobs that I can start when the head is returned is to clean and re-lap the valves and then reassemble the lot.

On Saturday I decided to grind off the BMW logo on the alloy HT lead/ spark plug cover. The way it fits in the a series conversion is the incorrect way round so if the bonnet was opened admirers would see the badge upside down. It’s not able to be mounted 180 degrees around so I took the grinder to it. I’m planning to flatten this off properly at a later date and either paint it to match the cam cover or blast it so it remains it’s natural alloy colour.


Lettering removed


Original HT / Plug cover plate


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