Its about time for an update….

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thought i was slacking again on this so thought its time for an update.

Well the head is still at Toovey’s getting prepped. I have also asked him to burette the combustion chambers to clarify an exact cc so i can calculate my compression ratio. Also i have decided to have the valve seats cut and everything done on the head what can be while its down there. I thought there was no point messing around with it for the sake of a few quid here and there.

I have also started stripping the gearbox as i have decided ill rebuild it to a spec i’m happy with. Taking guidance from a few sources. Having stripped the box down to inspect the individual gears 2nd gear is shot. The sync-ro hub has excessive wear / damage and this will need to be replaced. Guessworks has parts available for this. The rest of the box will get a full overhaul and then a x-pin diff will be fitted.

Seeing that i’m still waiting for the head to come back i could really be getting on with the bottom end of my engine. Im dragging my heels over this at present and really need to get my act together with it. Im still undecided about this crank pulley selection and flywheel weight combinations. I think its a case of too much thinking and i really just need to go with what i think will be right and then see how it turns out.

So in the mean time i have been cleaning / painting smaller parts up ready for the engine re-assembly and for the gearbox to be built back when i can.

My cam cover is painted in Vauxhall Arden blue pearl if anyone wants to know the colour of it. The picture only shows first coat of base coat it will be having 3 of these and then at least 3 coats of clear.

K100 cam cover

K100 cam cover

The weeks are flying by at present and hopefully the engine is somewhere near in May. Fingers crossed.






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